Meet the Volunteers of 2017

Every Y2 has been successful thanks to the support from volunteer business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Here's the full list of our volunteers from the last Y2 conference (March 2017)!

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Laurie Asuncion - Government of Ontario

For over 7 years, Laurie has been recognized as an expert in producing and marketing events, as well as building key relationships in various industries: particularly in the pension and benefits, startup, fashion and small businesses space. She also served as a marketing consultant for various startups; helping develop their brand architecture, marketing channel strategy as well as partnership initiatives. She now serves as an advisor, leading the creative, internal communications strategy and change management agenda within the Government of Ontario.

Recently, she won (along with her colleague), the 2016 Deputy’s Den winning proposal among five finalists. Outside of work, she has volunteered for various organizations including Canada Philippine Fashion Week, the Jays Care Foundation Young Professionals Committee and Y2, an event focused on mentoring and motivating more than 100 innovative and entrepreneurial teens from the Greater Toronto Area and York Region.

Jessica Rawlley - MaaS Pros

Jessica is the Co-Founder and CMO at MaaS Pros, a company that specializes in creating industry specific applications, including a loyalty management platform for real estate agents, an auto dealer management app, carpool web and mobile applications and more recently, a powerful business management and marketing platform, called the TieiT App - a carefully crafted application that combines modules to help businesses reduce from having to use and pay for 5 or more different applications. Jessica is deeply passionate about building a company that drives value to its clients. Jessica applies her creative and strategic skills to implement successful marketing campaigns that have created impressive results for MaaS Pros, partners and clients.

Jessica has also put her passion for education in use by creating and continually developing certification programs for partners for which she has received tremendous feedback. Jessica's ability to quickly learn, synthesize information and clearly communicate it to educate and illustrate the benefits of complicated topics is a rare skill.

Laura Yu - Ontario Centres of Excellence

Laura is Business Development Manager of Academic Entrepreneurship at the Ontario Centres of Excellence. Her key role is to manage the Campus-Linked Accelerators at post-secondary institutions that were created to drive youth engagement in entrepreneurship, support academic-linked start-ups. She is also responsible to develop and manage global linkages in the start-up ecosystem to foster collaborations and sharing of best practices.

Previously, Laura develops and manages industry-academic projects and start-up opportunities. Her areas of focus are in advanced health technologies, including healthcare IT, medical devices and life sciences, as well as energy and clean tech. Prior to joining OCE, Laura spent 3 years as an R&D Engineer developing medical devices for chronic back pain management and spinal disease, which are distributed worldwide. Laura holds a PhD in Biomedical/Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Jonathan Guthrie - PerfectlySoft

Jonathan (or Jono) is an senior software engineer who is building new features for the server-side Swift framework called Perfect. He is also supporting developers who are using Perfect and asking questions via Slack, Twitter and email.

Jono has been developing server-side applications for nearly 20 years, using a number of different languages. He moved to Canada from New Zealand in 2010 to help architect the next generation of server-side development with LassoSoft, prior to joining PerfectlySoft. In his spare time he's a session musician, sound engineer, gamer, and loves writing API's for all sorts of obscure things.

Chris Zmozynski - Stone Arc Properties

Zmozynski said that the seeds of entrepreneurship and self-employment were planted in him as a young person, after witnessing the successes and lifestyle of his extended family. A positive experience in high school with Junior Achievement, made the option that much more realistic. After studying small business at a U.S. based Adventure Sports program, Chris returned to Ontario and obtained his BA after formally studying Economics and Administration at Trent University. His first passion is the Outdoor Adventure industry, but a close second is the world of small business.

"Over the years I have been fortunate to teach Snowboarding, Backcountry-living, been a Canoe-guide, High ropes and Climbing instructor, as well as a Guide and Instructor for a Dirt-bike and trail-riding school. Public speaking, planning and executing goals as well as teamwork are critical in each of these. Similar to the start up world, these high risk environments can often be unpredictable and emotional, but more often than not, they bring out the best in people and many walk away stronger, more confident, and more self-reliant."

After a short 4 year stint in the corporate world, Chris fell back on his first interest and has never looked back. He worked in four large corporations over four years, and witnessed the exact opposite of what he had been trained to expect of healthy teams, and from professional leadership. Unfortunately that's the nature of things when the bottom line is measured solely by monitory gain; adults frequently act worse professionally than they would ever let their children behave publically. Since 2008, Chris has co-founded and run a profitable: Agri-brokerage, Construction Project Consulting and Project Management operation, as well as a Home Inspection Business. He is currently a founding partner in 2 separate but interrelated entities: a Property Development corporation as well as its proprietary software.

Joyce Lee - Possibility Camp

Joyce's first word was "awesome". Before she learned how to crawl as a child, she was already practicing the yoga poses. When she is not busy challenging the status quo at the government using big data or creating impact through Possibility Camp, she loves experimenting with cross-cultural food.

Joyce has a Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology from University of Waterloo and is the co-founder of Supernacular Weekend and founder of Possibility Camp.

G. Claire Hainstock - York Region District School Board

Originally from Western Canada, Claire has enjoyed a diverse and extensive journey of professional growth. He has lived and worked in the El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, and the US. Beginning with a series of international youth exchanges between Ottawa and Central America, he has combined a series unique international banking careers involving trade finance, investment banking, and accounting positions for such names as Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Lloyds Bank, Norwest Bank and National Bank of Canada. He was Comptroller of the Chilean subsidiary of Microsoft prior to returning to Tucson, Arizona. There he was a Director of a new start-up venture that was attempting create an online trading system for non-ferrous metals. The start-up raised $1.5 million in angel funding.

Most recently, Claire has been involved in public school education. He currently is Head of Business Studies in York Region District School Board. He is also a Canadian adjunct professor of Niagara University where he teaches Business Methods to new teacher candidates. A life-long learner, he holds 3 degrees, with the most noteworthy being a Masters of International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (Arizona). Married to a teacher who specializes in early learner resource, they have 2 daughters currently working on their Masters at Queens and the University of Victoria in the area of Global Food Security and the Qualitative Aspects of Third Party Care Givers in the BC health care system. His most current passion is to try and implement new learning styles which focus on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking.

Elliot Atkins - AddMirror Canada

Elliott Atkins is President of AddMirror Canada Limited, the out-of- home advertising company that he founded in 2008. Over the past seven years Elliott has grown AddMirror across Canada with locations in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. The AddMirror brand has attracted advertisers such as BMW, Telus, Ford, Calvin Klein and Cirque de Soleil among others.

In addition to leading AddMirror's growth in Canada, Elliott is a Professor in the School of Marketing at Seneca College, co-founder of a consumer loyalty software company and an advisor to new startup ventures. Elliott is a Licensed Professional Engineer having graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University.

Prior to taking the entrepreneurial fork in the road, Elliott held senior sales and sales management positions at leading technology companies like Microsoft, Dell and Corel leading national teams and multi-million dollar revenue targets. Elliott has enjoyed the growth and learning that comes from being a team member at great companies at exciting times in their business lifecycle. A consummate salesman, Elliott enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to satisfy their stated and unstated needs - hopefully closing a deal in the process.

Elliott has been married to Lynn for almost 25 years and shares his Richmond Hill home his two daughters and dog Daisy. In his spare time Elliott enjoys cars, technology, kayaking and relaxing at the cottage.

Shoukri Kattan - SharkHacks Blog

Shoukri is a Technology leader with a decade of experience working in both startups as well as the enterprise, leading teams, and delivered software products to customers ranging from small to fortune 500 companies. Shoukri is passionate about software and the way it shapes the world around us. His areas of interest include Mobile, Cloud, Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Shoukri is also passionate about 'Life Education'; learning and teaching skills that school and college does not teach us such as sales skills, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence and how to deal with money. When he has time Shoukri rants about life, Tech, and education on his blog. Be sure to check it out!

Andrew Safranko - IBM Startup Incubator

Andrew is currently the Business Development Officer for Innovation and the national incubator lead for IBM Canada where he runs and operates the IBM Innovation Space at Queen and Spadina, IBM Canada's only office catered towards start-up companies. Prior to this current role, Andrew worked out of President and General Manager Dino Trevisani's office as his chief of staff.

A graduate of York University, Andrew has held numerous roles over his 9 year career at IBM including roles within operations and sales as well as the Toronto IBM Club president.

Andrew's passion for entrepreneurialism extends past his day job as he has helped launch and operate start-up companies in the past and is always on the look out for the next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Wayne Li - NextUp Care

Wayne Li, is the CEO / Founder of NextUp Care Inc., a mHealth technology company committed to reducing patient wait times for high demand medical procedures such as diagnostics imaging. Our platform connects hospitals, doctors and patients to find the nearest facility with the shortest wait time to schedule the earliest appointment.

Previously, Wayne was the Country Head for Polaris Consulting & Services in Australia and New Zealand and a Management Consultant and Account Executive at Capgemini. He has 15 years of experience working with global financial services clients in Canada, US, UK, Australia and Asia Pacific in retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management.

Wayne holds a BSc and MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Toronto and a MBA in Finance from the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

Arie is an accomplished marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience, specializing in digital marketing. Arie's writing on marketing has been published in Strategy magazine, Marketing Profs, and

Arie is currently Acting Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and Creative Services at MedicAlert Foundation Canada.

Davina Chan, currently holds the role of Director, Marketing and Communications at MedicAlert Foundation Canada. She is a seasoned integrated marketer with experiences spanning a multitude of industries including advertising agencies, financial services, consumer goods and services as well as not-for-profit. Highly enthusiastic, experienced and passionate about effectively integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing to achieve business goals.


Courtney Cole - For A Healthy Me

Courtney Cole is the Founder and CEO of ForaHealthyMe Inc. ForaHealthyMe uses Digital, Virtual and A.I. Simulation technologies to treat and manage patients with mental health, complex chronic and acute care issues. Our virtual care applications and validated models assist healthcare providers in delivering care to patients with physiological and psychological challenges as part of their short - or long-term treatment plan, in a place where they prefer - at home. He has successfully collaborated with clinicians at large Ontario hospitals to improve quality of life for patients. His efforts have focused on the various touch points between the hospital and patients to address gaps in care.

Courtney is client of ventureLab and is the recipient of the 2014 Dan Mothersill BUILD Award from ventureLAB. The award is presented to entrepreneurs based on their accomplishments. ForaHealthyMe is one of 12 high potential companies selected for the 2015/2016 cohort of the Canadian Technology Accelerator program for Health Information Technology in Philadelphia. As a result, the company has successfully gained traction with large health systems and insurers in New York, Philadelphia and Maryland and with technology partners in Seattle. The company, in partnership with York University was also among a list of 22 projects funded by the Government of Canada, under the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) e-Health Innovation Partnership Program (eHIPP) in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). The program is designed to stimulate collaborations between health researchers and Canadian innovative technology companies.

The company, with York University, will focus on the early identification of, and intervention for youth and adolescents (11-25 years of age) with mental health conditions. Courtney holds two Masters degrees and is a strong advocate of patient privacy. In 2013, he was recognized by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario as a Privacy by Design (PbD) Ambassador.

Karen Dubeau - ventureLAB

As Director of Partner Engagement for ventureLAB, Karen leads the development and management of strategic and collaborative partnerships key to ventureLAB’s clients and stakeholders, and to the evolution of a dynamic regional ecosystem supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Karen has experience as a successful founder and entrepreneur of an Ottawa technology firm, and has spent the last 6 years working with not-for-profit business associations and communities on strategic programs involving intelligent communities, gigabit corridors, knowledge mobilization for small businesses and building community-based collaboration ecosystems. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for province of Ontario, a Top 40 Under 40 Alumnus, the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada's Staff Person of the Year Award, and most recently, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Marat Mukhamedyarov - Good News Ventures

Marat Mukhamedyarov is an early-stage investor and entrepreneur. He is a founder of Good News Ventures, an investment company focused primarily on technology companies.

Marat is an active member of York Angel Investors and has sat on the screening committee as well. He has Certified Management designation from International Business School and has Master's Degree in Engineering.

He also serves on the Boards of York Angel Investors, Masters Alliance, Alumoplast.

Michael Betts is a recognized entrepreneur and technology executive with over a 10 years of experience working with and managing rapid growth technology start-ups. As an Executive In Residence at ventureLAB he advises entrepreneurs supporting acceleration of their business growth through mentorship, advisory support, education and collaboration.

Prior to ventureLAB, Michael was the Founder of Canada's first web based, in-image ad network, and was responsible for all aspects of the company's early growth and strategy. In addition to his work with ventureLAB, Michael is also the President of advisory services firm Castlegar Management LTD. where he focuses on the development of early stage web technology and digital media companies.

Douglas Soltys - BetaKit

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.


Belle Yuan - Strategywise HR

Belle Yuan is a Certified Human Resources Leader with over 17 years of diverse corporate HR experience. She is the founder of Strategywise HR - a boutique HR consulting firm based in Vaughan that specializes in helping mid-sized employers limit legal risk in managing staff. The company is passionate about helping organizations drive operational success through proactive HR strategies that reduce risk and improve compliance.

Belle holds an Honours Bachelor degree in Labour-Management Relations from the University of Toronto, a post-graduate diploma in HR Management and is professionally designated as a Certified HR Leader with the Human Resources Professional Association. In her spare time, she loves to travel, play sports and volunteer her time for worthy causes.

Daniel is the Director of Customer Experience Strategy and Operations at TELUS Health and Payment Solutions. With over 20 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and Health industries, Daniel's expertise is in call centre management, workforce planning, program management and process improvement.

In the community, Daniel is a mentor with the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program and a member of the Cycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for the City of Markham. His hobbies include running (including the annual marathon) and travelling around the globe. Daniel holds a BA Economics from University of Victoria.

Deborah McMillan - Knowledge Makes Cents

Deborah McMillan spent the first half of her career life as a pension plan actuary working for various global actuarial firms. For over 20 years, she provided her pension and actuarial expertise to clients from different industries and of different sizes, such as Canadian Diabetes, United Way, Chrysler, Lakefield College, Nestle, and Energizer to name a few. In 2014, Deborah made a bold move to become a full-time entrepreneur. She is now the founder and CEO of Knowledge Makes Cents, a financial literacy academy for kids. Her passion and vision is to ensure all citizens have the knowledge and skills to achieve personal financial success.

Deborah's other passion is philanthropy. She volunteers on several boards and committees. Deborah is an Honours Mathematics graduate from the University of Waterloo, and is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. She is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Human Relations Program.

Dexter Chew - Q One Tech

Dexter Chew is a marketing director at Q One Tech Corporation, a market research and consumer insight software development agency that helps companies collect, analyze and react to customer, target market and employee data to gain insight and support decision making. Previously, Dexter worked as a business development director for a healthcare market research firm.

In addition to Q One Tech, Dexter is the owner of Dexter Chew Photography where he specialized in wedding and lifestyle photography and an advisor to Koz Insights, a millennial and young professional market research startup.

Inthida Ngeth - Career Consultant

Inthida is a Business and Marketing Consultant who helps Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses grow more profitably. When it comes to bringing new ideas to life, she knows what it takes to succeed from concept to launch. She spent the last 10 years masterminding innovative strategies and bringing new products and solutions to market for a top telecom company.

As a Career Coach, Inthida also offers limited personal coaching to help professionals achieve excellence in the workplace and differentiate as top talent.

Muhammad Kermalli - Skytek

Muhammad Kermalli, fusing his entrepreneurial spirit and executive experience, is President and CEO of Skytek Executive Office Suites, which he founded in 2006. Its mission is to provide both large and small businesses with cost-effective solutions in the areas of technology, human resources, administration, marketing and finance.

Additionally, Mr. Kermalli has leveraged his business experience and vast network of international contacts to identify cross-market opportunities and develop successful businesses in a variety of sectors, including legal, finance, technology, foreign trade, food, natural resources, and land development.

Jennifer Green - Jade Consulting

Jennifer started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and hasn't looked back. Her current company, Jade Consulting, has now been successfully working with entrepreneurs and businesses offering Finance, Accounting and HR services for 17 years. Jennifer believes that a strong financial foundation is key to success in business and when financial awareness is present at a young age, the possibilities are limitless.

Jennifer is happily married and lives in Markham with her husband and two young children.

Judy Chang is a certified professional life coach who helps clients to live full-heartedly. She is a partner in your journey to find what's important to you, and how to use these values to create and venture down your path fearlessly. Judy was trained and certified as a Co-Active coach by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), which is the largest in-person training organization in the world. CTI is recognized as one of the most rigorous training and certification program in the coaching industry.

Before her training as a co-active coach, she coached and developed people at a leading Fortune 500 company. After many years at the same company, she started to lose her passion and started living less in the moment. She left the organization, and during her transition stumbled upon the profession of coaching where she discovered her passion to discover, connect and help people live authentically. During her non-coaching time, she develops her professional team by helping them find their passions, and coaches her business clients to maximize their true potential.

Keith Kwan - MNP

Keith Kwan is a partner with MNP's Private Enterprises Group in Toronto. With a focus on advancing strategic imperatives, he helps Canadian private businesses drive strong financial performance and create progressive stakeholder value. He also delivers collaborative assurance and advisory services to mid-market clients across a spectrum of sectors including consumer business, manufacturing, distribution, professional services and real estate. In addition to this, Keith supports clients with comprehensive solutions for business succession.

Being passionately engaged with the dynamic entrepreneurial community around him, Keith connects business owners to compelling insights about "entrepreneurial acceleration" and achieving sustainable growth in a challenging global environment. Keith is the past Toronto Leader of the Canada's Best Managed Companies program and has coached some of the top Canadian owner-managed organizations.

Testament to his extraordinary commitment to helping others, Keith began volunteering at a very young age and has continued to contribute his time and capabilities to charities. He is recognised as an avid mentor and is the founding leader of a distinguished youth network in the Greater Toronto Area. Keith is often invited by community organizations to advise and speak about leadership development and youth volunteerism.

Marlina Oliveira - Richland Academy

Marlina Oliveira is the founder of Richland Academy, a private elementary school in Richmond Hill, Ontario, for toddlers to grade 8. Richland Academy is a progressive school that's focused on student well-being, student active engagement in their learning, and creative and innovative thinking.

Marlina is deeply passionate about children and their rights, and their mental and spiritual well being. She is presently on a sabbatical from the school in search of her higher purpose and how she can serve humanity on a large scale.

Workshop Hosts

Javed is an accomplished and engaging professional speaker, voice over talent, and President of EMpression: A Marketing Services Company. His company works with highly motivated entrepreneurs and organizations who are ready to breathe marketing life into their innovative ideas and long-term vision.

He has been a featured keynote speaker to more than 8,000 business owners, and professionals inspiring and sharing the latest marketing trends and best practices. Consistently the highest ranked presenter of the day, Javed is often asked back by conference organizers.

Known as the Small Business "Chief Marketing Officer", Javed S. Khan brings a dept of corporate experience and richness in successful business ownership.

Kevin Smith - The Story Architect

Kevin Smith is a Story Architect. In his career in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and politics, Kevin has done over 10,000 pitches. As the Chief Story Architect for, Kevin helps start- ups, small businesses, and social enterprises unleash their story to secure customers and investors, by helping them understand what their core customer story is and then helping them get their story to market. His services include branding, messaging, marketing strategy, SEO, Content and Social Media marketing, presentation and pitch design, web design, lead generation, sales coaching and business development.

Kevin is also an educational workshop facilitator at MaRS, a volunteer advisor at the RIC Center, HumberLaunch, and UTM i-CUBE, as well as a frequent speaker at Small Business Enterprise Centers. He previously worked at Dell for 14+ years in enterprise sales and marketing. Kevin also received a nomination from CAMP (the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals) for entrepreneur of the year in 2016.

Special Speakers

Bardish Chagger - Government of Canada

Bardish Chagger is the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister of Small Business and Tourism. A natural leader and organizer, Bardish is devoted to inclusion and community building. From assisting with recreational sports for kids to volunteering with seniors, Bardish is committed to strengthening the bonds of the Waterloo community. Bardish was appointed as Leader of the Government in the House of Commons in August 2016. She was also appointed Minister of Small Business and Tourism in November 2015.

In her role with the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre, Bardish has worked to foster diversity within the community providing opportunities for social and economic engagement. As the former executive assistant to former Member of Parliament Andrew Telegdi, Bardish has a deep understanding of the issues that are important to residents of Waterloo, including manufacturing, technology and innovation.

Passionate about community involvement, Bardish has lent her support to many different causes and organizations including The Rotary Club of Waterloo, Interfaith Grand River, and the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin. She considers herself part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms generation, and has participated in policy conferences on many issues including the advancement of same-sex marriage rights and the national manufacturing strategy.

Bardish graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science. In 2012, The Waterloo Region Record recognized Bardish as one of “40 under 40” who would lead the Region of Waterloo into the future.

Aidan Aird, 17, is the founder of Developing Innovations, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, celebrate and promote STEM students. A place where students can share their knowledge, inspire and encourage the next generation of STEM leaders, in hopes of making the world a better place. He also is the founder of STEM Kids Rock.

Aidan is a 4 time York Region Science and Technology Fair gold medalist, who represented the Province of Ontario in 2012, 2013, 2014 and in 2015 at the Canada-Wide Science Fair winning a gold medal, two silver medals, along with a patent award and engineering award. In addition, Aidan is an avid social entrepreneur who has raised funds and awareness for organizations such as 360Kids, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, SickKids Foundation, St. Francis Table, UMSC High-5 Special Needs Team, Learning Disability Association of York Region, Sandgate Women's Shelter and Markham Food Bank. Aidan has been recognized as a teen leader by Eduzine Global, We Are Family Foundation - Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader, SHAD, 360Kids and most recently 2016 AFP Youth in Philanthropy Award.

Billy Pang is the York Region District School Board Trustee for Markham Wards 2, 3 and 6. A pastor since 1985, Billy earned his M.Div., degree in 1996. In high school, he began serving low income families.

As a husband and father of two elementary school children, Billy is still a frequent volunteer in classrooms, field trips, parent council of public schools and different charities.

Kelly Gillis - Government of Canada

Kelly Gillis is the Associate Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. She was appointed Associate Deputy Minister in January 2015.

Previously, Kelly served as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications (SITT) Sector. In her role as Senior ADM of SITT, Kelly supported the development and use of world-class information and communications technologies, including management and oversight of Canada's radio spectrum frequencies, research at the Communications Research Centre, cyber security and Connecting Canadians.

Steve Lee - 3% Project

Steve Lee is a 24-year-old climate change activist, a policy advocate to the United Nations, and a global speaker. He is the Executive Director of FES (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship) and its 3% Project, mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth - that's 3% of Canada - through 5 national tours across 600 schools. It provides youth-friendly and holistic education on climate change and empowers them to take action on solving climate change in their local communities today.

A prolific global speaker, Steve has represented the Canadian youth on the issues of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Youth Empowerment at over a dozen international forums including G8 Summit, NATO, Facebook, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank. Steve is a voice to the voiceless youth globally in policymaking as a member of World We Want 2030 Policy Strategy Group, UN Major Group Children and Youth, UNEP Tunza, UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, Youth Commission on the Status of Women Taskforce, and more. He has moderated and drafted policy outcome documents, lobbied diplomats and businesses, and observed negotiations with many UN officials, heads of state, and industry leaders. Steve is personally trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, featured on news channels, blogs, and newspapers, and a University of Toronto graduate of Physiology and Human Biology.

An entrepreneur, Steve was the Partner of RevIT2 Solutions, a market research consulting firm for private investment firms, and the CEO of Steve's Guidebook, a publishing company for university-level calculus and biology study guides. Steve has lived in 4 countries, traveled to over two dozen nations, reads voraciously, plays the clarinet, volunteers at a mental health rehab centre, serves on the Board of HealthOutLoud, and is a follower of Jesus.


Dinner with: John Frangella - Proto3000

As the Managing Partner of Proto3000 (, John helps clients get the right tools and processes to improve their productivity, collaboration and increase revenue in the manufacturing environment. John and Proto3000 have particular expertise in product development, engineering, manufacturing, and dental manufacturing.

Dinner with: Shajiraj Nadarajalingam - Ideal Group

Shajiraj Nadarajalingam heads Ideal Developments Inc. as its President and CEO. Shaji is the visionary behind the Ideal Group of Companies. He is committed to growing Ideal Development Inc. as a leading company in the real estate industry. Shaji specializes in the construction of high-rise/mixed-use residential, commercial, conversion projects and custom homes. As a veteran entrepreneur, he has vast experience in launching and operating successful companies in the construction industry. His past ventures include a flooring retail franchise with 10 locations in Ontario, a lumber manufacturing and distribution company in Guyana serving North and South America and a flooring manufacturing and distribution company serving India and the Middle Eastern Countries.