Our York Region Y2 conference is happening at Seneca Helix once again on February 24th and March 3rd 2018!
Participant registration is now closed, but all teams will be presenting their final pitches on March 3rd and you can RSVP below!

Location: Seneca College - Markham Campus


  • 96 participants, 36 volunteer entrepreneurs and professionals who served as coaches, mentors, speakers, workshop facilitators, judges, and prizes
  • 30 open-mic pitch ideas 14 shortlisted ideas
  • 2 winners: Seconds (app that will help redistribute local food surplus to provide city-dwellers with quality meals at discounted prices) and Tess (redesigned compost bin that makes composting easier and less messy)
  • The participation of Seneca College President David Agnew, Minister of Small Business and Tourism Bardish Chagger, Associate Deputy Minister of Science, Innovation and Economic Development Kelly Gillis, and YRDSB Trustee Billy Pang the excitement at the finals.
  • Ideal Incubator’s team was present to video-record on both days, and over the coming week or so will share the videos with us, to be shared on YouTube
  • These were the ideas shared in the final presentations:

  • Bottle Bounty: Produce "reverse vending machines" that will collect plastic bottles in exchange for credits (think bottle return services) to improve recycling rates.
  • EatMar: ordering and payment platform for the restaurant industry.
  • Enigma: The Affinity will create a virtual space that allows people to make social and emotional connections through music.
  • Flexwear: clothing powered by electricity to heat the person wearing it.
  • Glide: soundless, efficient and lightweight vacuum cleaner.
  • HOAP (Help over Alexa Platform): Alexa-based and voice-activated personal assistant that serves users with the goal of reducing stress and anxiety in youth.
  • I.V.V.I. (Integrated Vision for the Visually Impaired): A device that will help the visually impaired navigate various environment by providing directions, and auditory and tactile feedback to incoming obstacles.
  • Kinected Co: movement-powered phone charger and case.
  • Müla: that helps high-school students reach their short and long term financial goals through gamification and rewards. Müla’s ultimate goal is to educate students on the importance of financial stability for their future, while having fun.
  • Opus: Tool to help users minimize disruption from social media and other online distractions.
  • Seconds: App that will help redistribute local food surplus to provide city-dwellers with quality meals at discounted prices.
  • SPACr: Platform to allow people to better use the spaces (recreation, work, meeting) available in their communities.
  • Tess: Redesigned compost bin that makes composting easier and less messy.
  • Tunnel Vision: club for low-income children.